I created Shali Lashes because number one I love lashes, but number two I love wearing lashes by themselves.
Minimal makeup and a pair of lashes, and let's not lie a good lip colour always goes a long way. Lashes bring a look together, and we can't lie; they also make you appear more alert. They bring life to your eyes.

The reason for Shali Lashes is to bring an extensive, diverse range of lashes to the UK market. Why our lashes differ from others is they are on the whispy/fluffy side of the lash spectrum.

As a makeup artist, I found a lot of my clients wanted a lighter lash. The problem with a lighter lash is the bands aren't always the strongest, so I decided to create a mix of both.

Durability and elegance.

However, we also have lashes for those who take a bolder approach to their makeup and want to achieve that dramatic finished look.

There are no rules in makeup; no one can tell you what to use when. It's what makes you feel good about yourself! That's the beauty of it. It's self-expression and creation.

So create away you beauties xxx

Shali Beauty